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10-seat chef’s counter

The Chef's Table at Four is a 10-seat chef’s counter located in Oyster Bay, New York. It is a uniquely immersive and interactive dining experience, where the rules, boundaries, and norms of typical dining do not apply. The Chef's Table at Four transforms the usual into something transcendent. It’s not about eating; it’s more about being part of that transformation and witness to that creative process.


Housed in a restored shingle Cottage

The Chef's Table at Four is housed in a restored shingle Cottage, where the first floor has been transformed into an exhibition kitchen with aesthetic homage to Scandinavian design. The Chef's Table at Four connects to 2 Spring by a winter garden inspired by the Ritz Paris which links it to the old industrial building. Cellars running under all three structures hold kitchens, wine cellars & services for the dining areas.